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Individuals that are concerned about enhancing their inner beauty are most likely just as concerned about their overall health and wellness.  Recently, we have seen the introduction or an edible product that is somewhat innovative, if not totally unheard of.  Would you believe edible cosmetics? You’re probably thinking there’s no way!  But it’s the truth and they are known as nutricosmetics.

Nutriceuticals, which are also referred to as topical/ingestibles are the hottest trend going.  Want to enhance your inner beauty?  Give them a try to see how your skin can really benefit from them.

Nutricosmetics are comprised of a number of different ingredients that your skin health can benefit from including:

•  anti-oxidants- fish oils

•  collagen

•  hyaluronic acid


All three of these are instrumental in keeping your skin moist and soft.  Additionally, these three ingredients are more effective than standard cosmetics because of how quickly they react while being ingested and absorbed into your skin cells.

Nutricosmetics and nutriceuticals provide a number of skin health benefits including the treatment of acne, cellulite, inflamed and oily skin, and skin that has been damaged by over-exposure to the sun.  In addition to these treatment applications, the more recent versions of these products that have been introduced to the market are considerably more palatable to the consumer than the first products were.





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